Monday, October 1, 2018

Metropolitan Magazine Mortals - Artist Trading Coins

I created these four artist trading coins for a swap, but just wasn't thrilled with them.  These were my first attempts at artist trading coins, and there was a learning curve (literally and figuratively!).  Each one had a problem or two that bothered me enough that I decided to start over.  (I ended up submitting these calendar car coins instead.)  I do like the guy in the top right corner.  He reminds me of a young Omar Sharif.

(c) 2018 Suitable for Framing

I cut the people out of a late 1890s Metropolitan Magazine, which was a New York-based monthly periodical with articles on theatre, literature, business and well-known "high society" residents of the day.  I bought a bound book of them at a garage sale and have enjoyed reading some of the articles, but it's the pictures I really wanted.

(c) 2018 Suitable for Framing

This guy's head is just a little too large for an artist trading coin, and I wished I hadn't added the brown stenciling on the right side.  I do like the green and purple color scheme.

(c) 2018 Suitable for Framing

I chose this woman because of her fabulous hat and determined look, but I had a mishap gluing her onto the coin (120 year-old paper is pretty fragile), and her head got ripped off.  You can see the "scar" across her chin where I tried to glue her back together.  In addition, I didn't get the text scrap on the right knocked back enough, and the brown stenciling is too prominent.

(c) 2018 Suitable for Framing

This one isn't too bad. I just wish the original photo had been a little darker.  Also, I didn't get that scrap of music in the background obscured enough for my liking.

(c) 2018 Suitable for Framing

This last one was my favorite of the four.  I like the composition and how the background pieces work together.  The stenciling frames him nicely without being too prominent.  The quality of the original photo is better, and let's be honest, he's better looking than the other guys!

(c) 2018 Suitable for Framing

Since I didn't use these coins for the swap, I'm not sure what their fate is.  The Omar Sharif lookalike may become a bookmark for my daily journal.  That way I can moon over him every day!  As for the others, they may get put onto a greeting card or get used in an art journal. 

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Annie said...

Alas, we are much too hard on ourselves. But if we weren’t, people would let us do bad art. However, aside from decapitating the woman, I don’t see the awfulness that you see. I liked them immediately. I was prepared to make up stories about Uncle Lester and his sister Eleanor and their friend Henry. I didn’t realize that was Omar, I thought it was Gerald from the local habidashery. They look so much alike don’t you think?

SmilynStef said...

What a fun garage sale fine ... isn't it great what we learn when we create.

A Mynah Production said...

Wah?! You weren't pleased with these? They are SO fabulous!